APPLICATION and Vendor Resources

The Vendor APPLICATION may be accessed and downloaded HERE

**PLEASE NOTE:  Applications are NOT accepted at the Markets.  Likewise, we do not accept ‘drop in’ Vendors.  Please do not just show up and expect to participate as a Vendor.

Further, we are not retail, resale or flea Markets. 

Our Vending Categories are specific and we only accept a certain number of Vendors in each Category for each Market. 

Please note that we will only consider Vendors who are hands-on, owners and operators for our Markets.**

The Vendor Rules for our Markets may be accessed and downloaded HERE

The Vendor Handbook for The Beach Markets may be accessed and downloaded HERE

The Handbook provides a detailed and thorough description of how we operate within The Beach Markets.  All Vendors and their employees should be thoroughly familiar with our operating practices, policies and procedures.

**You may EMAIL your application to the Manager for more expedient processing**

For the Mid-Week Madeira Beach Open Air Market please see Vendor Rates Information located HERE.

For The Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market: Specific Information for The Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market:

Vendor Fee Payment:

The fee for vending at The Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market is currently $29.00 per day (there is a discount for prepaid vends; see below). The Market Manager will collect the fees from all Vendors after 11:00am on Market day. Please have your cash or check ready as we do not wish to interfere with your sales. Please do not mail in your payment.
• The Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market offers a discount to our “Regular” Vendors who prepay four dates in advance. Prepaid weeks do not need to be consecutive IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED AND FAIL TO SHOW YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAILY RENT RATE. The fee for four weeks is $89.00 and may be paid HERE or at the Market. Please note that this fee is nonrefundable. If we reach the end of the Season and the Vendor is unable to fulfill the pre-paid dates, there will be no refund or vending ‘make-up’ dates added to the next season.
• Farmers bringing their goods to market may qualify for a special rate. Please contact the Market Manager for more information.
• Nonprofit Organizations and Community Outreach groups may be eligible for a reduced rate at the discretion of the Market Manager. (Include proof of nonprofit status with your application.)
• Vendors are responsible for their vending fee regardless of whether they attend the Market or not, unless they have cancelled their Vendor space reservation no later than the Wednesday before that Sunday’s Market. Any vendor cancelling after Wednesday is still responsible for their vending fee.

Reservation Process:
Pre-paid and Regular Market Vendors will be given priority placement within the Market space. All other Vendors MUST notify the Market Manager in writing via EMAIL each week to reserve space prior for the desired Market date. Vendors who do not arrive by 8:00 a.m. on their scheduled market date and have failed to notify the Market Manage to indicate they will be late may forfeit their space.

Cancellation of Vendor Reservation:
If a Vendor needs to cancel their space reservation, they must email the Market Manager by Wednesday before the Sunday they are scheduled for. Vendors who cancel their reserved space after Wednesday will still be responsible for paying their vending or rent fee for the day. Our Markets rely on Vendor fees each week to ensure a thriving Market and cancellations after Wednesday do not allow enough time to fill empty vending spaces.

Drop-in Vendors:

Our Markets do not accept Drop-In Vendors. A Vendor Application must be filled out and Approved before a Vendor will be allowed to vend.


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