Welcome to the Beach Markets! 

Growers, Gourmet Foodies, Fine Arts and Crafts, Community Connections ….all in beautiful, beach close locations!

The Mid-Week Madeira Beach Open Air Market has MOVED TO SEMINOLE! 

The SEMINOLE WEDNESDAY MARKET Opens November 7, 2019.


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The Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market…

Takes place every Sunday, November through April, weather permitting, from 9am-1pm at the Town Shores Municipal Center, 19305 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores, Florida.



***Interested in becoming a Vendor? Please apply HERE ***

Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market 19305 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores
Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market
19305 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores

The Indian Shores Sunday Morning Market is held each Sunday from the first weekend in October through the last weekend of April.  The Market is located on the grounds of the Indian Shores Municipal Center with adjacent parking for visitors. The Market is easily accessible in both directions and is centrally located to Indian Shores, Madeira Beach, Treasure Island, Redington Beach, Indian Rocks, Redington Shores, Clearwater and the other Gulf Boulevard areas.

Our Markets and Events are not  retail/resale and we pride ourselves on the fact that our Vendors are all Owner-Operators. We are Chefs and Gourmet Foodies, Artisans, Fine Crafters and direct resources for Education and Community Information.  Our locations host between 35-80 vendors depending upon the venue.

The Beach Markets  are under the direction and management of Garrison Market Management who are Vendor-Owners with over 20 years of managerial experience. The Markets are honored to also have a Market Steering Committee comprised of additional seasoned and professional Vendors.

Please read below to learn about the rules and regulations for the Beach Markets.

We only have a certain amount of spaces in our Markets for any given Market date and it’s our intention to build and maintain the relationships that we have with the Vendors who are Approved per Season. We consider our Vendors “Market Family” and many of our Vendors have been with us year after year.

Our rates for the Season are dependent upon the Market, Venue or Event. We do NOT allow drop in Vendors or Vendors that show up on the day of Market as “stand bys”.

Please email our Market Operations Manager directly for specific circumstances:

Applications and Vendor Resources may be found HERE

Current Vending Rates and Payment Links may be found HERE.

Before applying, here are some things to consider:

Is your product line a fit for the Market?

Our Markets have specific Vendor Categories and we are seeking unique products with an emphasis on originality with a Fresh and Farmer’s Market focus. We are not retail Markets; all of our Vendors are Owner-Operators. We accept Vendors selling products from the following categories on a first come, first serve basis and in this order:

1. Unique, Picnic, Freshly Prepared and Gourmet Food Products— We also accept Food Vendors who are ‘self-contained’ (trailer, cart, self-contained cooking kiosk set up, etc.) and appropriately licensed by the State of Florida.

2. Agricultural and Farmed Products, Plants and Flowers

3. Ready to Eat/Take Home/Specialized Bakery Items

4. Fine Arts and Handmade Crafts –where everything sold is a minimum of 80% made by that vendor. The only exception to this rule is where the products are Fair Trade and imported by the Vendor to help fund the producer/s in other parts of the world.

5. Eco-Friendly and/or Health & Wellness Products — those products that benefit the environment or the health of our bodies.

6. Community Group, Resource, Educational or Non-Profit Organizations. This category includes Vendors who are requesting space at the market for fund raising, promotions, nonprofit exposure and so forth. Please note that we do not allow the promotion of political information at the Market.

7. Festival Vendors – Event Specific.

Primary Product Line: Our Markets give priority to Vendors who want to sell a Primary Product line that is listed within our Vendor Categories.

**If a Vendor has overlap items with another Vendor, all prices must be similar to like products of the other Vendors. Price gauging and undercutting will not be tolerated. We work very hard to maintain a fair and equitable balance within our Market**

PLEASE NOTE: It is our recommendation that all Vendors carefully distinguish their lines of product(s) against existing products at the Market before applying. Likewise, potential vendors are highly encouraged to visit the Market or Events we manage before applying. Unique items that are not currently being sold at the Markets will be given greater priority.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FOOD VENDORS: All Commercial Food Vendors must be properly licensed and documents must be scanned and uploaded with your Application. While we do allow Vendors who sell food produced under the “Cottage Law”, those products must adhere to current State guidelines and must be properly labeled.

All Food Vendors MUST have the appropriate fire extinguishers and wash station capabilities.

We strive to do the best we that we can to keep things as fair and as simple as possible for all concerned. Please note that ALL Vendors MUST have email access in order to be part of this Market.

Our Accepted List: All Accepted Applicants will receive a Confirmation letter via email detailing their start date. Rules and Regulations as well as the Vendor Handbook can be accessed via the Vendor Application. Once a Vendor is Accepted, they will be reserved for the dates agreed upon with management and/or listed on their application unless they have been offered a Preview or Screening Date. A Preview or Screening Date is offered to a new Vendors (less than six months of vending in other locations or Markets) or to those Vendors who may not be known by or pre-qualified by the Market Management.

RATES:  Our rates are among the lowest of all Fresh and Farmer’s Markets and are dependent upon the Venue or Event.

A Screening Date is a chance for the Vendor to try the Market and make sure it’s a fit for them and a chance for us to review their sales approach, product display, product line and enthusiasm for becoming a full time Vendor. Once a confirmation is received from a Vendor regarding their reservation and a payment is received to book their reservation, they will be given a space in the Market for the date confirmed.

PLEASE NOTE: Vendors MUST have access to email and are responsible for reviewing emails from the Market Management. Individual phone calls will NOT be made to Vendors concerning weather, Market updates, booth assignments or other matters.

Market Vending Set Up: The Market only supplies space as part of your rents. We do not supply tents, tent set up services, tables, table covers, electricity or signage. While there are some spaces that have electricity available, those spaces are not guaranteed.

Our Waiting List: If the Primary Product Line exists in the Market a new Vendor wants to apply to that new Vendor’s Application will more than likely be added to our Waiting List for that season.

The Waiting List will be filled on a first come, first serve basis and judged by the date the application is received. The Applicants that get Wait Listed will be sent updates throughout the season to either act as a fill in vendor, or to replace a vendor who is no longer with the Market. Wait Listed vendors will be updated as to the status of whether or not a space will open up during the Season.

Note: The registration fee paid from the Applicant is accepted only once per season per completed application. This fee is for processing applications and is a fee that is charged to the Market for accounting purposes.

In the case that a vendor is Wait Listed for a prior season and wants to know the chances of entry for the next season, we suggest to email an inquiry to the Market Manager at before submitting another Vendor Application.

Our Denial List: If an Application is deemed denied it is because the Primary Product Line listed on the Application is already in the Market at this time or that the product(s) are not a fit for what we are looking for in our Market. Once an Application is denied, it is deemed ‘denied’ for the entire season that it was submitted for.

We thank you for your interest in our Markets and for your patience throughout our Application Process.


Applications will NOT be reviewed if the Application fee isn’t paid. The fee charged to review your application is the fee we must pay.

The application fee may be paid via PayPal (please reference your business name and pay via PayPal to the email address of

You may also pay your application fee via regular mail to:

L Garrison, Market Manager

1750 16th St S, Unit 35281

St Petersburg, FL 33705


Due to the high volume of Applications received and the amount of work it takes to set each Market up, please expect a delayed response once your Application is submitted.

Applications are typically reviewed within seven days of receipt, with review times of up to one month during regular Season.  **Applications will not be reviewed if the Application Fee is not paid**



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