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It’s Official! The Mid-Week Madeira Beach Open Air Market Will be Moving to Seminole for the Coming Season.

It’s Official! The Mid-Week Madeira Beach Open Air Market Will be Moving to Seminole for the Coming Season.

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Mid-Week Madeira Beach Open Air Market Announces Move to City of Seminole
First market of its Kind for the City of Seminole

*For Immediate Release, April 10, 2018*

MADEIRA BEACH, FL: The City of Seminole has voted unanimously to allow the move of the entire Mid-Week Madeira Beach Open Air Market operation to their City. The move will take place in November of this year.

Given the looming construction on Madeira Way and the construction changes which are now precluding the previously determined ‘move to’ spot on the Tom Stuart Causeway for the coming Season, Market Operations Manager Laura Garrison felt, after much deliberation, that the move to Seminole was the best option. “This is a huge move for us as a Market, especially after four very successful Seasons on Madeira Way,” stated Garrison. “We’ve helped bring awareness to the local businesses in Madeira Beach, we’ve developed a loyal customer base as a Market and folks look forward to returning to the Market season after season. Its bittersweet, yet we are faced with construction challenges that necessitate change. We’re incredibly grateful, though, to –and for– the City of Seminole. They have been a joy to work with and they have a wonderful epicenter that is perfect for us. We’re excited about the move.”

The move will take place in November of this year. The new Market,
The Seminole Wednesday Market, will be held on Wednesdays, from 10AM-2PM and will be located on the grounds of the City of Seminole Recreation Center at 9100 113th St in Seminole.

The City of Seminole Recreation Center, St Pete College, the City library, City Hall and the post office are all within the scope of the new Market location. The location also boasts easy access, a great park-like setting and plenty of free parking. Market entrance is free and the Market will be pet and family friendly.

Talking, Praying and  Educating; An inspiring story of passion.

Talking, Praying and Educating; An inspiring story of passion.


These three empowering modes of responding to a call of action describe the support and aims of their ministry. Prefaced by the work of their daughter, Glenda, John and Doris McVay are the passionate stewards of Beauty for Ashes Florida. Beauty for Ashes Nepal, founded by their daughter, is an organization working to empower survivors of human trafficking and women who may be at risk of trafficking by fostering an environment that reflects the power of community, independence and faith. The McVays pursue their own chapter here in Florida selling handmade goods such as: earrings, items from recycled saris, necklaces and more from the women at Beauty for Ashes Nepal.
Inspired by their daughter, who they describe as, “A smiler, a laugher and a lover of the Lord”, the McVays have continued to speak out against human trafficking in their own backyard by educating people of all ages about the signs of trafficking with a special focus on educating the youth. They deeply understand the plaguing issue of human trafficking, the ways in which it manifests, and the ways in which it can be reduced.

They share, “Trafficking is growing larger than the drug industry because there is even more money involved in it.” Doris McVay goes on to explain the quick nature of trafficking and how widespread the harm extends. Their mission is to inform others of these travesties in order to incite change amongst individuals. The specifics are mentioned above because it is exercising the want and the pressing need the McVays advocate for in the journey to end human trafficking. The pressing need is the knowledge of the issue. They yearn to spread awareness and so they go out and educate others about the problem. They are a walking example of proactivity.
John McVay mentions the impact of his father’s work as a labor leader when John was growing up; the work of organizing meetings to address poverty and other tasks at hand have resonated with him. Doris mentions her withstanding passion, “I just like to help people” along with examples of driving around town with an extra breakfast sandwich looking for someone on the streets in need and buying candies for the toll-takers just to brighten their days. These professions of kindness have transferred to their five children and they hope that things will carry on to their grandchildren as they grow up. Family is a way of uplifting others; to connect hands and hearts to one another promotes the stability of hope and the promise of empowerment which leads then to the continued alleviation of suffering.
In Nepal, Glenda uses the model of family to construct many of the activities that occur at Beauty for Ashes which include (but are not limited to): daily morning prayer practices, lunches with all the staff members and education sponsors for many of the children of women working at Ashes for Beauty. The McVays explain the aspect of family at the markets they have been participating in for almost three years by describing the interest other vendors take in their story.

Talking is what they want; talking promotes the spread of knowledge and the spread of care for a cause.