Our Mission Statement

healing heart

Our Mission Statement

We’re Family at the Beach Markets.  We love our Vending Family and we are proud that our Markets are known as the Markets with a Heart.

As a Business…
As an Open Air & Fresh  Market entity, we strive to support the prosperous and positive business endeavors of each of our Markets– in conjunction with the community and the local businesses– in a spirit of fairness, integrity and mutual respect that is reciprocally beneficial for all concerned.

Growth & Support…
We endeavor to likewise and concomitantly provide a supportive atmosphere for our family of Vendors to conduct and grow their respective businesses with joy, creativity and enthusiasm. As a Market community and as Vendors, we are proud to source locally, responsibly and with consideration.

And yes, we encourage co-creation within our Markets. Our Vendors work with, together and for each other and so do we as a Market.  Hence, at our core, we believe that Together Everyone Achieves More.