Meet Our Madeira Market Vendor:  Brenda Guay, The Emotional Gardener

Meet Our Madeira Market Vendor: Brenda Guay, The Emotional Gardener

Not every gardener or vendor is as passionate about their business as The Emotional Gardener of the Mid-Week Madeira Beach Morning Market is. Then again, The Emotional Gardener, also known as Brenda Guay, has good reason to be.

Brenda, The Emotional Gardener
Brenda, The Emotional Gardener

Brenda says that the big question always asked of her is the What that makes her so emotional about gardening? Says Brenda, “Well, here is the long and short version in a nut shell: I always loved gardening flowers, plants and veggies but that love took on a whole new meaning after I received my breast cancer diagnosis in 1996. When I realized my days were not numbered and there was a life to be lived, gardening turned into a passion.”
The banner at The Emotional Gardener’s booth really says it all: ‘Gardening… the best Therapy’… IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!’
“I have no formal education, just pure passion, and that is what I want to pass on to others,” says Brenda. “I love growing my plants, picking them out from nurseries, trimming them and then finding homes for them. I love looking at the faces of my fellow gardeners when they enter my garden center and catching the smile that forms on their face as they begin to bond with something that I, too, fell head over heels for.” Brenda also carries complimentary garden décor including her Incredible Plant Stand, Down Under Pots, tuned wind chimes, garden signs and decorative animals at her booth. “I could go on and on and on with the happiness I get from doing what I do,” says Brenda.
Customers can find Brenda, The Emotional Gardener, every week at the Mid-Week Madeira Beach Morning Market. The Market is located on Madeira Way between Gulf Boulevard and Tom Stuart Causeway and runs year-round, from 9am-2pm. Family and pet friendly.  For more information:


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