It’s a Ruff Life:  Tough Love…or Just Plain Tough!

It’s a Ruff Life: Tough Love…or Just Plain Tough!

by Julie Nickerson, Ruff Life Charities. Vendor Contributor with the Corey Avenue Sunday Fresh Market and the Mid Week Madeira Beach Morning Market

You passed the application process, the home visit went well, and now the dog is yours! The puppy might have a bad beginning, the dog might have been through a hellish environment, or there may be some medical issues coming as a package with this new member of your family…

Let’s face it, there are a number of issues that your dog might have faced before you took him/her home and our hearts bleed for them. And the best thing we can do after we give them a hug, is to train them immediately!


I was faced with the sympathy training when I first adopted my dog, Jack, and the Vet told me, “Be firm and let him know that you are boss!” And he was 100% correct. Jack was found on the side of the road with his two sisters and it was obvious he was the one in charge, the one who took care of them. Because I was being too soft with him, he was starting to control me. Once I took back the control, he was able to let go of his past and start his training. Because I was given the right advice for training him, he has turned into such a wonderful dog…with manners!

So, the more you do in the beginning of your relationship with your dog in reference to training, the better your relationship will go during your transition.

Being tough is showing how much you care– and love–your new addition!

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