Meet the Music

Cal Morris, an exceptional music maker at The Beach Markets:call morris        Cal Morris is a living inspiration of someone who unapologetically has followed their passion; that passion being music. A self-taught musician from an early age, Morris pursues the art of the piano and the art of the violin. Raised on a family farm in Oklahoma, then beginning his teenage years playing in several orchestras, Morris explored the many opportunities in the field of his passion. Not always was his career in music though, he originally tended to a family business venture but after a decade he was drawn back to his musical roots and he decided to pursue music full time. As his life has progressed he has composed soundtracks for a feature film, for promotional videos, for some short films, for the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C and many other events. (He has and does perform at our very own Beach Markets as well as the Sarasota Farmer’s Market.) His music comes from an array of symphony orchestra pieces to modern millennial current pieces (as explained on his website Behind the scenes, he is a husband, he is a father of two little ones and he is a twin. His (also self-taught) twin pursues music on the other coast. Coast to coast to the north woods to the southern islands, Morris is a dedicated traveler as well; he is proof that a full life does not exist in only one passion. His music continues to bless the passing ears whether those ears are strolling through farmer’s markets or sitting in the Italian Embassy.